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CS Film Productions

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Meet The Team

Tim Croy

Gabe Alba

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Videographer & Editor

Chris Tocchet


I love being hands-on with the camera. It's as easy as following my heart and staying confident in my vision, to successfully tell your story.  No wedding is the same which forces me to get creative and think on my feet. The time, quality, and care I put into each project, helps me tell a story that I am proud of and one that you can relive forever. 

My interest in film started at a very young age. During my downtime, my friends and I would grab any available camera and film dozens of "masterpieces". So, naturally, I ended up studying film at FDU. That's where I met Tim and since then, we've collaborated on a number of projects to the point where it's become a formula.

My passion for film began in high school and soon became something much bigger than I ever expected. Always looking for ways to improve, I decided to pursue a degree in TV/Film from DeSales University and shoot whatever gig came my way. I love being able to tell someone’s story and see life from a new perspective through the lens. 

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